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There is so much information about the best way to teach students and what best-practice looks like. Much of what is espoused is fashionable rather than scientifically proven. It is easy to become confused by conflicting ideas and in-vogue methodologies that come and go.

Dr Mark Williams brings a no-nonsense and pragmatic approach to helping schools to understand what works and why. Mark’s popular Presentations, Workshops and Consultancy Services will equip your staff with the skills, tools and ongoing support they need to succeed.

Connected Teachers Academy

Delivering on teachers’ passion to help students thrive has never been harder.


Connected Teachers Academy is a community platform for teachers. It provides on-demand and live courses that help teachers develop the skills and confidence they need to show up at their best in a supportive, community environment.

Conference Speaking

Dr Mark Williams is an internationally recognised Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience who has worked at top Universities in Australia and overseas including MIT in the USA.

He is a popular conference speaker, who backs up his contemporary thinking with down-to-earth pragmatism based on a ‘colourful’ background which very nearly took him to jail or an early grave.

Mark speaks with intelligence and warmth on issues around Education, Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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